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2015-2016 Academic Catalog (Jan 2016) 
2015-2016 Academic Catalog (Jan 2016) [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Scholarships and Funding

Students may access information regarding Financial Aid, including information on applying for financial aid, available scholarships, financial literacy counseling, and general student loan information at Small emergency loans are available from the College. Students in need should contact the Associate Dean, Student Affairs. A student may receive one loan per term and the loan must be repaid before the end of that term or it will automatically be withheld from financial aid.

The  College  offers  a  limited  number  of  scholarships  based  on  academic  excellence,  community service, leadership, and/or financial need.

SAMMIE AND DORIS ARNOLD SCHOLARSHIP - Established in 2008 by Sammie and Doris Arnold of Medon, Tennessee for pharmacy students with demonstrated need.

JACK AND MARY BEVINS SCHOLARSHIP - Established by Jack and Mary Bevins of Knoxville in 1999 for pharmacy students with demonstrated need. Dr. Bevins owned a pharmacy in Farragut, TN.

BAETEENA M. BLACK SCHOLARSHIP - Established by members of the Tennessee Pharmacists Association in honor of Baeteena Black, executive director of TPA. She is a 1971 alumna of the College.

CARDINAL HEALTH PHARMACY SCHOLARSHIP - The University of Tennessee College of Pharmacy was selected to receive this scholarship by Cardinal Health because it offers strong nuclear, independent, or hospital pharmacy curricula.

BOB CATES SCHOLARSHIP - At the time of his death, Bob Cates was the chief pharmacy officer of Accredo Health, and employees of the company established and funded this scholarship in his memory. Bob was a 1961 alumnus of the College.

CHATTANOOGA  AREA  PHARMACIST  SOCIETY  SCHOLARSHIP  IN  MEMORY  OF  REICHLE CHANDLER - Established in 2012 by members of the Chattanooga Area Pharmacist Society for students from Hamilton or Bradley Counties in Tennessee. This scholarship honors the memory of long-time CAPS member Reichle Chandler, a 1971 graduate of the College.

LEONARD AND DOTTYE COMPTON SCHOLARSHIP - Established by Leonard and Dottye Compton in 2004 for pharmacy students on the bases of merit and need, this is a companion endowment to the Seldon D. Feurt Memorial Fund. Dr. Compton retired after 42 years of service with Walgreen. He is a former member of the Tennessee Board of Pharmacy and a former Speaker of the House of Delegates of TPA. He is currently Chair of the Seldon D. Feurt Memorial Committee.

CORLEY FAMILY SCHOLARSHIP - Established by Alan Corley and his parents, Drs. Bill and Mareta Corley, all pharmacists from Greeneville, TN. It is awarded on the bases of merit as well as need. First preference is given to students from Northeast Tennessee. Alan is a former president of TPA, the Tennessee Board of Pharmacy, and the College of Pharmacy Alumni Board of Directors.

ROBERT AND THELMA DODSON SCHOLARSHIP - Robert Dodson, who enjoyed a 40-year career as a sales representative for Eli Lilly and Co. formed this scholarship with first preference for students from Northeast Tennessee. Mr. and Mrs. Dodson, of Johnson City, recently passed away, but this scholarship endowment will remember them in perpetuity.

DIANNE VEST DUNCAN SCHOLARSHIP - This scholarship was established and funded by friends and colleagues of Dianne Duncan in honor of her leadership of the profession of pharmacy in Tennessee. Dianne is a 1965 graduate of the College and a former president of the UT Alumni Association. Established in 2009.

THE ELIZABETH CLUB SCHOLARSHIP - This scholarship is for females from Tennessee pursuing healthcare education. It is a UTHSC campus-wide scholarship and is open to female students in all Colleges.

PHILIP AND GAYE ENKEMA SCHOLARSHIP - Phil and Gaye Enkema of Kingsport, established this scholarship in 2000.  Phil was a former President of the Tennessee Pharmacists Association and the College of Pharmacy Alumni Association, retired from pharmacy practice in 1997. First preference is given to students from East Tennessee.

VIRGINIA EOFF SCHOLARSHIP - This scholarship is in memory of the late Mrs. Virginia Eoff. First preference is given to students active in professional organizations. Established by the Pharmacy Classes of 1989 and 1990 in memory of Mrs. Eoff.

VIC AND LUCILLE FREELS SCHOLARSHIP - Established by Mrs. Freels in 1992, this scholarship is based on merit as well as need. Mr. and Mrs. Freels owned and operated pharmacies in the Kingsport area. He was a graduate of the Mercer University Southern School of Pharmacy in Atlanta.

JANA L. FUQUA SCHOLARSHIP - Established in 2005 by Jana Fuqua, a 1977 graduate of the College of Pharmacy. Jana is a former member of the College of Pharmacy Alumni Board and a driving force behind the local UTAA Memphis & Shelby County Chapter.

MELINDA RHEA GARRETT SCHOLARSHIP - A member of the Class of 2009, Melinda died unexpectedly while she was a first-year student. This scholarship was established by members of her class. Her degree was awarded posthumously in 2009.

DICK AND GRETA GOURLEY SCHOLARSHIP - This scholarship honoring Drs. Dick and Greta Gourley was established in 2006 by colleagues and friends and was first awarded in 2009-10. The scholarship in their names is a lasting tribute to the deanship and leadership in the profession of pharmacy by both Drs. Gourley.

JIM AND BETTY HAVERSTICK SCHOLARSHIP - Funded by Sandie and Don Fancher of Gainesville, Georgia, in memory of her parents, who owned a restaurant in Gatlinburg. Don recently retired from Procter & Gamble in Cincinnati, and Sandie continues to work as a pharmacist on a part-time basis. Based on merit and need.

LARRY AND SHERRY HILL COMMUNITY PHARMACY SCHOLARSHIP - Given by Larry and Sherry Hill of Rockwood. First preference should be given to students from Anderson, Morgan, and Roane Counties, to encourage recipients to pursue careers in community pharmacy. Sherry is a former president of TPA, and Larry is a current member of the Tennessee Board of Pharmacy. They own pharmacies in Rockwood and Harriman.

JAMES M. HOLT CLASS OF 1988 SCHOLARSHIP - This memorial to Dr. James M. Holt was established by his classmates ( Class of 1988.) A faculty member and clinical pharmacist at the VA Medical Center in Memphis, Jim was a favorite preceptor of students.

AILEEN WADLEY HOOSER SCHOLARSHIP - One of the oldest pharmacy scholarships, it was established by the widow of TPA president Eddie Hooser in the 1950’s.

DUDLEY AND KATHERINE HOSKINS SCHOLARSHIP - Established by Dudley and Katherine Hoskins of Clinton, TN, to encourage students to pursue careers in independent pharmacy. Dudley, a 1936 graduate of the College, owned pharmacies in Clinton, Harriman, Oak Ridge, and Norris.

MICKEY AND HILIE COLLINS KING SCHOLARSHIP - A native of Parsons, TN, Mickey is the owner of a very successful cardiac imaging company in Atlanta.

KMART PHARMACY SCHOLARSHIP - Funded by Kmart Corporation, this is a general scholarship available to all UT Pharmacy students.

J. W. KIRKSEY MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP - Begun by J.W. Kirksey’s family, colleagues and classmates in the Class of 1949, preference is given to residents of Northeast Tennessee. Mr. Kirksey was president of the Pharmacy Class of 1949 and spent his career in sales with Abbott Laboratories.

KEVIN LAZARINI SCHOLARSHIP - Kevin, a Memphis native, died of cancer shortly before his graduation in 1992. This endowment was begun in 1993 by Kevin’s classmates in his memory.

RAYMOND A. MCCULLOUGH SCHOLARSHIP - Established and funded through the last will and testament of Raymond A. McCullough of Hendersonville, TN.

MEMPHIS AREA PHARMACISTS SOCIETY SCHOLARSHIP - Established in 2000 for students from Shelby County, TN, and Desoto County, MS, by the Memphis Area Pharmacists Society.

ANNA BELLE AND TATE MORGAN SCHOLARSHIP - Begun in 1984 upon the bequest of the Morgans to benefit students from Knox County, Tennessee.

DENNIS R. AND MARTHA M. O’DELL SCHOLARSHIP - Established in 2005 by Dennis and Martha O’Dell with financial need as the preference. Dennis is a retired vice president of Walgreens, and they live in the Chicago area.

PHARMACY CENTENNIAL SCHOLARSHIP - Established by the College and alumni in 1998 during the celebration of the 100-year anniversary of the College of Pharmacy. This scholarship is awarded on the basis of merit and dedication to the profession of pharmacy as a career.

PHARMACY CLASS OF 1961 SCHOLARSHIP - Formed by the members of the Class of 1961 in memory of their deceased classmates.

PHARMACY SCHOLARSHIPS (GENERAL) - This account is a fund that receives gifts from alumni and friends who want their gifts to benefit students through scholarships. It is not endowed, but receives many gifts annually.

PAM OLIVER PHILLIPS SCHOLARSHIP - Created in honor and memory of Pam Phillips, who was one of the state’s most dedicated leaders in the profession and one of the College’s biggest advocates.  Pam was the founding member of the Memphis Area Pharmacists Society and named the 2012 College of Pharmacy Alumni of the Year.

PLOUGH PHARMACY SCHOLARSHIP - One of the largest endowments in the College, the endowment was funded by the legendary Memphis philanthropist, Mr. Abe Plough, through the Plough Foundation. Contributions by the Plough Foundation were matched by the Seldon D. Feurt Memorial Fund for a period of ten years, culminating in 2005.

ROGER W. PRICE SCHOLARSHIP - Established in 2002 by Roger Price, a former district manager for Kmart Pharmacies. It was awarded for the first time in the 2009-10 academic year.

WILLIAM P. PURCELL SCHOLARSHIP - Begun in 2000 by Dr. and Mrs. John Clayton in honor of his mentor, Dr. Purcell, this scholarship is awarded on the bases of merit and need.

REEVES-SAIN SCHOLARSHIP - Established by Drs. Rick Sain and Shane Reeves of Murfreesboro to encourage pharmacy students to strive for excellence. Dr. Sain is a former president of TPA and served as a member of the College of Pharmacy Alumni Board of Directors. Drs. Reeves and Sain have won numerous awards for their professional and community service.

MARTHA ANN ROBINSON SCHOLARSHIP - Given to the College by the parents of Martha Ann Robinson, a 1989 graduate, in her honor and because of her exceptional experiences while in pharmacy school, this scholarship is awarded on the basis of need.

EDDIE AND DOT ROWE SCHOLARSHIP  - Begun by the Eddie and Dot Rowe family in 2005, this  scholarship recognizes the financial assistance provided to Eddie while he was a student at UT by Dean Dick Feurt. This endowment will last in perpetuity to repay many times over Dean Feurt’s scholarship when Eddie was about to withdraw from pharmacy school due to financial difficulties. Eddie is a 1969 graduate and is a former president of TPA and the Tennessee Board of Pharmacy.

ANNA AND JOHN SCHURIG, SR. SCHOLARSHIP - Dr. and Mrs. John Schurig, Jr. established this scholarship in memory of his parents to help provide financial support for students in need. Dr. Schurig received his BsPharm in 1969 and his PhD in 1973 from UT, and he has worked as a research scientist and administrator in pharmaceutical industry since that time.

CHARLES R. AND HENRY C. SHAPARD SCHOLARSHIP - Established by insurance agent Henry C. Shapard of Shelbyville as a memorial to his grandfather and father, who were pharmacists.

BILL AND BETTY STAGGS SCHOLARSHIP - Established by the children of Bill and Betty Staggs of Dunlap, TN, both members of the 1948 graduating class. First preference should be for the student who is APhA-ASP president. Second preference is for the student who is president of PSGA.

ALICIA STEPHENS SCHOLARSHIP - Formed by members of the Tennessee Pharmacists Association in memory of Alicia, daughter of Buddy and Luana Stephens of Lebanon, TN. Alicia died unexpectedly during her father’s term as TPA president.

OTHA BAILEY SWEARINGEN SCHOLARSHIP - Given to the College in memory of her husband upon Mrs. Swearingen’s bequest, this scholarship is awarded on the bases of merit and need. The Swearingens lived in Indianapolis.

ALLEN F. TAYLOR SCHOLARSHIP -  One of the oldest College of Pharmacy scholarships, first preference is to students from Northeast Tennessee.

TAYLOR FAMILY PHARMACY SCHOLARSHIP - Established in 2001 by Whit and Phyllis Taylor of McMinnville and their daughter Lea, who was a UT pharmacy student at the time.

JERRY AND BARBARA TREECE SCHOLARSHIP - Given to the College in December 2002 by the Treeces, this scholarship should be awarded on the basis of merit and need. Jerry is a former executive with Super D, Walgreens, and Third Party Solutions, Inc.

CONNIE JOHNSON UNDERWOOD SCHOLARSHIP - Established by the Pharmacy Classes of 1990 and 1991 in memory of Connie Johnson Underwood of Dyersburg, a member of the Class of 1990, who passed away suddenly 2 years after graduation.