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2015-2016 Academic Catalog (Jan 2016) 
2015-2016 Academic Catalog (Jan 2016) [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

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ELEC 530 - Physical Examination of the Hospital Patient

Cr Hrs: 1 (10-0-8)

This course provides an overview of the basics of physical examination and history taking for the hospitalized patient. Learning objectives for students completing this course are 1) to have an understanding of history taking for the patient who will be or is a hospital admission; 2) complete a physical examination on a hospital patient; and 3) record the H & P in a systematic manner, consistent with hospital protocol.
Grade Mode: Pass/Fail
Instructional Method: Seminar and clinical
Location offered: Memphis
Prerequisites: D-4 only: Special Permission Required
Term offered: Spring

Instructor of Record, Spring: James Mintzer Christian

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