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2015-2016 Academic Catalog (Jan 2016) 
2015-2016 Academic Catalog (Jan 2016) [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

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ENDO 201 - Essential Endodontics I (Lecture)

Cr Hrs: 1 (9-0-0)

This is a basic course in endodontic technique. This course runs concurrently with the Lab in Essential Endodontics I (ENDO 202). Although the major portion of the course covers clinical skills, biology of the normal and irreversibly injured pulp will be introduced. Much of the lecture material will cover basic clinical techniques, which will enable the new clinician to treat pulpal and periapical problems in the clinic. The main emphasis will be on root canal preparation, canal debridement, disinfection and obturation of the root canal space.
Grade Mode: Standard
Instructional Method: Lecture
Location offered: Memphis
Term offered: Fall

Instructor of Record, Fall: Adam Lloyd
Additional Instructor 1, Fall: David J Clement
Additional Instructor 2, Fall: Melissa Andreia Marchesan
Additional Instructor 3, Fall: Jeffrey G Phebus
Additional Instructor 4, Fall: Antheunis Versluis

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