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2019-2020 Academic Bulletin (Jan 2020) 
2019-2020 Academic Bulletin (Jan 2020) [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

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IDE 45030 - Heartstrings: Humanism & Reflection in Medicine

Cr Hrs: 3
Session Length: 2 weeks


This is a face to face elective receiving 3 credit hours. In this course, students will reflect - the conscious weighing and integrating of views from different perspectives - on their experiences in medicine with an emphasis on humanism in medicine - patient-centered care through open communication, mutual respect, and emotional connection between physicians and their patients. Students will meet each day for 2 hours of evidence-based reflection exercises and will continue to work on the reflection after the small group. Some activities will include reflective writing and discussion from posed questions; literature searches and readings; discussions; and a presentation of created works on the last Friday of the two-weeks or four-weeks. Through these exercises, students will improve patient care by enhancing the doctor-patient relationship, improve patient-centered care, revive a sense of compassion and humanism, recognize disparities in health, view pain culturally, increase critical thinking skills, have the opportunity to self-reflect, build communication skills, improve professionalism, and recognize characteristics of effective medical teams. 

Grade Mode: Standard
Max per section: 20 (minimum enrollment of 3)
Instructional Method: Lecture-Elective
Location offered: Memphis
Hospital: Not Applicable
Prerequisites: Completion of 5 CORE Clerkships

Term offered: Fall, Spring

Fall - Instructor of Record: Renate Rosenthal
Spring - Instructor of Record: Renate Rosenthal
Course Coordinator: Kimberlee Norwood - knorwood@uthsc.edu

Prior Authorization: No
Blocks Not Offered: 5, 10, 11, 1, 2, 3, and 4
Off-cycle timing allowed: No
Deadline for Excused Absence: Thirty days before start of elective/rotation
Deadline for Cancellation: Thirty days before start of elective/rotation
Overnight Call and/or Float: No
Time off for interviews: No

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