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2019-2020 Academic Bulletin (Jan 2020) 
2019-2020 Academic Bulletin (Jan 2020) [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

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IDE 40000 - Capstone Course (Memphis)

Cr Hrs: 6
Session Length: 4 weeks


Back to Basics.edu- more opportunities to review basic science concepts in the framework of clinical cases. Business of Medicine- TBL’s using the HealthCare Handbook written by medical students Asking and Moore. Guest faculty will discuss health care reform, insurance, regulatory agencies and being a member of a hospital staff. EBM-Improve your skills in searching the literature to answer clinical questions. Ethics-Review of concepts plus discussion of cases you have encountered. Intern school-Focus on skills to prepare students for life as a house officer, including radiology review, ECG review, what to do on call, line placement and intubation skills, and the opportunity for ACLS certification. Legal Issues in Medicine series from Dr. Carol Schwab. Teaching-Academy- learn teaching and learning techniques for residency and beyond; the Five-minute preceptor, and other teaching techniques.

Grade Mode: P/F
Max per section: 50
Instructional Method: Clinical-Required
Location offered: Memphis
Hospital: Variable
Prerequisites: Completion of all CORE clerkships

Term offered: Fall, Spring

Fall - Instructor of Record: Sara Cross - scross11@uthsc.edu
Spring - Instructor of Record: Sara Cross - scross11@uthsc.edu
Course Coordinator: Deborah Barton - dedwar30@uthsc.edu - 901-448-4982

Website: Online course syllabus located on department website with greater detail, goals and objectives, logistics, etc.
Prior Authorization: No
Blocks Not Offered: 11, 12, 2, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, and 9
Off-cycle timing allowed: No
Deadline for Excused Absence: Thirty days before start of elective/rotation
Deadline for Cancellation: Thirty days before start of elective/rotation
Overnight Call and/or Float: No
Time off for interviews: Yes-Students may be allowed some time off provided they contact the administrator at least 4 weeks prior to the onset of the rotation.

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