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2015-2016 Academic Catalog (Jan 2016) 
2015-2016 Academic Catalog (Jan 2016) [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Non-degree Special Students

Individuals who wish to enroll under the non-degree student classification complete an abbreviated application form that is available from the College of Nursing, Office of Academic Affairs. Individuals desiring to take graduate courses must hold a Baccalaureate or higher degree, meet course prerequisites, and declare this on the application. No test scores, letters of evaluation, or Admission Committee approval are required. Applications should be sent to the College of Nursing, Office of Academic Affairs. Upon approval, forms will be forwarded for processing from the College of Nursing to the Office of Enrollment Services. The student must register and pay fees to the Cashier on the official date of registration for that term.

Only selected courses are available to non-degree individuals, and enrollment is limited to available space within a course. Non-degree students are required to fulfill the same course requirements as regular students and are subject to all academic rules and regulations as outlined in the current catalog along with the official UTHSC student handbook, CenterScope. Non-degree students enrolled in graduate courses must earn a grade of B or better in any course taken to receive credit for that course toward a degree at the UTHSC. Any coursework taken as a non-degree student will be recorded on the student’s UT transcript, is considered during the admission process, and is included in the applicant’s GPA computation. All coursework taken at the UTHSC is included in the student’s GPA calculation.

At the time of admission to non-degree student status, no commitment is stated or implied concerning subsequent admission to the graduate nursing programs. If admission to a degree program is desired at a later time, a non- degree student must make separate application and satisfy the admission requirements of the degree program to which admission is sought.

A maximum of 9 credit hours taken as a non-degree student in the College of Nursing may be applied to the MSN or DNP degree, subject to approval by the Associate Dean of Academic Affairs.

Policies and Procedures for Non-Degree Student Classification

The College of Nursing has a non-degree graduate student classification for those individuals who are not candidates for a degree but who wish to take courses for credit. The non-degree classification is tailored to meet the needs of a variety of individuals including:

  1. Individuals whose regular applications are pending or accepted but whose admission is not until next term.
  2. Individuals enrolled at other institutions who take courses at UTHSC College of Nursing for credit acceptable to the home institution.
  3. Individuals who are registered nurses seeking to continue their development.
  4. Individuals who wish to pursue a post-doctoral non-degree course of study that leads to eligibility to sit for a certification examination.
  5. All non-degree students are accepted on a space available basis.

Procedure for Processing Non-Degree Student Enrollment

  1. The Associate Dean for Academic Affairs will determine courses that are appropriate for non- degree students.
  2. The Associate Dean for Academic Affairs will compile and distribute a list of the course offerings that have been approved to interested applicants along with an abbreviated application form with a deadline for application submission.
  3. The applicant will submit the application form to the College of Nursing Office of Academic Affairs.
  4. Applicants will complete the regular registration process and pay fees at the established times.

Questions regarding academic programs in the College of Nursing should be addressed to: 

The University of Tennessee Health Science Center
College of Nursing, Office of Student Affairs
920 Madison Avenue, Suite 1053
Memphis, TN 38163 (901) 448-6125


Academic Standards for Non-Degree Students

The admission requirements are consistent with the criteria for admission to the professional colleges of UTHSC. Academic standards include admission process, admission requirements, and all policies governing the progression and graduation of students.