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2016-2017 Academic Catalog (Jan 2017) 
2016-2017 Academic Catalog (Jan 2017) [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Scholarships and Funding

Financial Aid

UTHSC offers a comprehensive financial aid program to qualified students on the basis of need and ability. Financial aid is available to students in the form of grants, scholarships, loans, and part-time work. Personnel in the Financial Aid Office are available to help students explore possible financial aid sources to meet their individual needs. The goal of the office is to see that students do not forego an education because of financial need.

Careful and realistic financial planning is a necessary part of college preparation. Other services offered by the Financial Aid office include budget counseling, debt management information, and pre-loan counseling.

The Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) is the only application required for financial aid at UTHSC. Students may access information regarding Financial Aid, including information on applying for financial aid, available scholarships, financial literacy counseling, and general student loan information at http://www.uthsc.edu/finaid/.



The  College  offers  a  limited  number  of  scholarships  based  on  academic  excellence,  community service, leadership, geographic preference, practice interest (i.e. community vs. institutional), diversity, and/or financial need. The number and value of awards given is contingent upon available funds.  “Financial Need” is based on a financial profile from the Financial Aid Office. Students are required to complete their FAFSA by a set date to ensure the Financial Aid Office has sufficient time to complete the student’s financial profile for consideration by the college committee.

A single application is required for consideration for any and all scholarships available through the College of Pharmacy. Annually, in the spring semester, all students will receive via email an invitation to submit the application by the applicable due date. The College’s Honors, Awards, and Scholarship Committee determines scholarship awards in accordance with the fund’s memorandum, or if applicable, by the Dean’s directive by the end of the spring semester. Once the Committee’s recommendations receive final approval from the Dean, award notifications are sent to students through the email system.

All scholarships, with the exception of the Andy Holt award, are non-renewable and will require the student to complete a new application each year for consideration.


Emergency Loans

Small emergency loans are available from the College. Students in need should contact the Associate Dean, Student Affairs. A student may receive one loan per term and the loan must be repaid before the end of that term or it will automatically be withheld from financial aid. Loans are based on need and availability of funds. Students experiencing financial difficulty are also encouraged to contact the Financial Aid Office, 910 Madison Avenue Suite 520, (901) 448-5568.