Sep 24, 2023  
2020-2021 Academic Bulletin (Jan 2021 Ed) 
2020-2021 Academic Bulletin (Jan 2021 Ed) [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Distance Education

The College is committed to providing a quality educational experience for its students regardless of their geographic location or mode of curricular delivery. Students also have access to the full range of support services and resources necessary to successfully complete their education.

The College uses live synchronous two-way interactive video to deliver educational content to its three campuses and has allocated the necessary resources to insuring that a high quality, distance education program is delivered seamlessly and without problems. Lectures are video captured using MediaSite™ and are released within 24 hours to students who wish to review content. The videoconference technology has become an integral part of the College’s communication strategy and is used for faculty advising as well as student organizational and committee meetings. Students use additional technology (MediaSite™; Zoom™; Skype™; Adobe Connect™) to facilitate individual meetings and tutoring sessions. The Blackboard platform provides students access to the course syllabus, links to campus resources, and course assignments including readings, recorded lectures, tests and assessments, grades and other classroom materials. Students may also participate in discussion boards and chats through Blackboard.

Faculty may also interact with students using UTHSC email or via web-conferencing, video chat, or telephone conferences. Policies and procedures are followed to assure that the online privacy of all students is maintained regardless of geographic location. Students must use their unique login and NetID to access their email accounts as well as the Blackboard site.

The College uses computerized wireless examinations that are administered via ExamSoft™. Although the software is housed on the ExamSoft™ server, UTHSC IT staff ensures that the computers are properly imaged and operational. Regardless of campus assignment, IT staff at the UTHSC Helpdesk is available to assist with issues related to software.

Students on clinical rotations retain access privileges to the College and campus websites and continue to have access to the resources noted above.