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2022-2023 Academic Bulletin (July 2022 Ed) 
2022-2023 Academic Bulletin (July 2022 Ed) [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

College-Wide Policies

College of Health Professions Policies

The College of Health Professions adheres to all academic and student affairs policies of the University of Tennessee Health Science Center. Policies outlined below govern all programs offered through the College. Additional program-specific policies are outlined in the respective sections.

Attendance Requirement

Because of the intensity of all educational programs in the College of Health Professions, students should not miss any planned learning experience except under the most unusual circumstances. Students are, therefore, required to participate in all planned learning experiences including lectures, laboratories, clinical assignments, discussion boards etc. The department chair, program director, or appropriate faculty member in each program will inform students in writing of the consequences of failure to adhere to this general college requirement.

Student Identification and Dress Code

All onsite students are required to wear the UTHSC identification badges issued during registration. Such cards are to be worn in a visible fashion and must be presented to university police officers, administration, or faculty upon request. If a student’s identification badge is lost or misplaced, a new one must be acquired from the Campus Police office for a fee. Students, upon graduation, may retain their ID badge since it contains an expiration date. Students, upon withdrawal, must return their ID badge to the Campus Police office. Students are expected to adhere to the dress code of the program in which they are enrolled. Dress requirements are explained during each program’s orientation.

Grading Policy

The Academic Programs in the College of health Professions (COHP) award letter grades based on numerical values as well as grades of pass/fail. The grading scale for each program is recorded in the UTHSC Academic Bulletin and provided on the course syllabus. The UTHSC Bulletin outlines the student performance criteria for each program and the academic progress and promotions committee process. In the COHP, the program faculty are responsible for determining the grading scale. It is the responsibility of the instructor of a course to describe the method of evaluation of each course. Grades are not considered final until reported to the Banner system.

When students are unable to complete coursework by the end of a term, the Program Progress and Promotions committee may decide to allow the student to earn a grade of incomplete (“I”) for the missed coursework. The Program Progress and Promotions committee will determine what impact the missed coursework will have on the student’s academic progress and communicate this to the Assistant Dean of Student Affairs for notification of the student.  Incompletes may impact the student’s financial aid eligibility. https://uthsc.policymedical.net/policymed/anonymous/docViewer?stoken=de47aa28-16aa-408b-9c96-cb04f232964f&dtoken=8987e7e5-742c-4d4d-9920-20a854d84a57

Dropping/Adding Courses

Programs determine whether or not students are allowed to drop or add individual courses. Students should reference the UTHSC Course Drop-Add Policy for information regarding the effect of dropping a course on tuition refunds and grade recorded for dropped courses.

Auditing a Course

Students are not typically allowed to audit courses in the College. Student wishing to audit courses must obtain permission from the department chair for the program. Students that are appealing an academic dismissal can attend classes during the appeal process. Students should refer to the Student Status during Academic Appeals policy (https://uthsc.policymedical.net/policymed/anonymous/docViewer?stoken=de47aa28-16aa-408b-9c96-cb04f232964f&dtoken=7535c88b-1005-4a23-8f72-0ef9c7d7b273) for information regarding the procedure and effects on eligibility for federal financial aid.

Withdrawal Policy


Minimum Number of Students per Course

A minimum of three students are required to be enrolled in any post-professional course or the course may be cancelled.

Immunization Policy


Supervision of Student on Clinical or Fieldwork Assignment Policy