Dec 04, 2023  
2022-2023 Academic Bulletin (July 2022 Ed) 
2022-2023 Academic Bulletin (July 2022 Ed) [ARCHIVED CATALOG]


The official method of communication between students and their respective departments, programs or the dean’s office is through the UTHSC email system. Students must check their email at least once each day to avoid missing vital information. Students are responsible and accountable for reading their UT email at least daily and responding promptly to avoid missing vital information. Students are expected to maintain email functionality (e.g. ensure adequate space in mailbox to receive messages and monitor SPAM folders). Students and faculty should use the same personal and professional courtesies and considerations in electronic mail (e-mail) as they would in other forms of communication. Inappropriate or unprofessional use of social media is a violation of the College’s code of professional conduct.

Social Media

Social media guidelines are available in the UTHSC Student Handbook, CenterScope.  Students are expected to be familiar with these guidelines to avoid violating privacy issues relating to FERPA or HIPAA.

Communication Practices for Online Courses

Email, web-conferences, and phone conference are the primary modes of communication for instructor and students enrolled in online courses. Email is conducted using the official UTHSC email system. Courses that are taught online or via a hybrid format provide course instruction through a Blackboard Platform managed by UTHSC. To ensure online privacy and to verify a student’s identity, students must use their unique login and netID to access their email accounts and the BlackBoard site. Student’s personal information is not shared with anyone outside of the college unless specified by the student in accordance with all FERPA guidelines. Students can only access courses in which they are enrolled. Within the Blackboard course site, students access the course syllabus, link to campus resources, access course assignments including readings, recorded lectures, video streaming, tests and assessments, grades and other classroom materials. Students participate in discussion boards and chats through Blackboard. Students submit assignments and email faculty through the Blackboard system. Additional modes of communication among faculty and students include Adobe Connect and video chat.

Online students should contact academic and student support services (including the Registrar, financial aid, Bursar, and SASSI), health and behavioral health services, IT HelpDesk, Blackboard support, library services, and disability services via phone or email. Please find the contact information at

Additional resources and information particularly pertinent to students enrolled in an online program are provided in the UTHSC overview portion of the bulletin.