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2015-2016 Academic Catalog (Jan 2016) 
2015-2016 Academic Catalog (Jan 2016) [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

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MED4 3002/F - Senior Clerkship in Medicine (JI Med)

Cr Hrs: 7 50

The Senior Clerkship in Medicine places the student in a more direct role in patient care similar to an internship, but closely supervised and directed. The senior clerkship student will record the principal database (with resident or Faculty review and counter signature), develop an evaluation and treatment plan, and write orders on patients (to be reviewed, altered if necessary, and signed by the resident or Faculty prior to implementation). The student is introduced to responsibility for inpatient care in a setting in which the student is the initial evaluator of the patient’s problems as outlined in the general instructions. The student develops conceptual and manual skills for evaluation and care of internal medicine patients and becomes more familiar in dealing directly with hospital and other paramedical personnel with an appreciation for the team approach to patient care. The student participates in two-hour rounds at least four days per week with the attending physician assigned to the service and consults daily with the resident house staff on each assigned patient. This clerkship also is offered in Knoxville (MED2-3002/F), Chattanooga (MED3- 3002/ F), and Nashville. May be repeated up to 7 credit hours.
Grade Mode: Standard Max per section: 2
Instructional Method: Clinical rotation
Location offered: Nashville
Prerequisites: M1 & M2 CURRICULUM, Medicine Core Clerkship
Term offered: Fall, Spring

Instructor of Record, Fall: Amado X. Freire
Instructor of Record, Spring: Amado X. Freire

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