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2015-2016 Academic Catalog (Jan 2016) 
2015-2016 Academic Catalog (Jan 2016) [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Doctor of Nursing Practice/Doctor of Philosophy, (Dual) DNP/PhD


The Doctor of Nursing Practice - Doctor of Philosophy (DNP/PhD) Program is a hybrid program with the PhD portion of the curriculum offered primarily on-campus and the DNP portion offered online. This unique program provides highly motivated and qualified students with an integrated advanced clinical and research program of study leading to a combined DNP/PhD degree. This program combines the existing DNP and PhD nursing programs, which are based in the College of Nursing and the College of Graduate Health Sciences, respectively. Unlike the traditional DNP program, the DNP/PhD program focuses on developing the student’s ability to conduct clinical research. Typically, students do not enroll in clinical specialty courses until the fourth term of the program. The total time to graduation varies and depends on the student’s background. Students first must be accepted to the College of Nursing DNP program to be considered for admission to the DNP/PhD Program.

Sample Plan of Study for DNP/PhD Post-MSN with FNP

Total: 11 (10-1) credit hours

Total: 10 (9-1) credit hours

Total: 14 (14-0) credit hours

Spring-Year 2

Total: 10 (8-2) credit hours

Total: 10 (8-2) credit hours

Spring- Year 3

Total: 9 (3-6) credit hours

DNP Awarded

Total: 9 (9-0) credit hours

Total: 9 (9-0) credit hours

PhD Awarded

Total: 600 Clinical Hours

Overall Total: 82 (70-12) credit hours