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2022-2023 Academic Bulletin (July 2022 Ed) 
2022-2023 Academic Bulletin (July 2022 Ed) [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Telemedicine Certificate

Globally, there is a growing need for telemedicine training within healthcare organizations. This is especially true for health professionals in the time of COVID-19 pandemic and social distancing. Health professional workforce now need a more thorough understanding of telemedicine technologies, workflow redesign, engagement strategies. With many hospital systems, practices are undergoing rapid transitions from traditional systems to using telemedicine systems. It is now essential to have well-trained professionals who understand telemedicine technologies and can assist in their deployment and effective utilization to improve quality and efficiency within the healthcare system.


Purpose of the Certificate

This Certificate is intended for training healthcare professionals to acquire the necessary knowledge in use and deployment of telemedicine technologies in healthcare organizations and practices.


Certificate Learning Outcomes

The Certificate is designed to help students learn, develop, and implement the technical, clinical challenges and decisions that are involved in the set up as well as the day-to-day practice of telemedicine.

Upon completion of the certificate programs, the graduates will:

  • Explain fundamental terms and concepts in telemedicine
  • Select telemedicine technology and its specialized features
  • Understand legal and ethical practices in telemedicine
  • Educate client/patient about how to be safe when working with telemedicine
  • Evaluate updates on state and federal policies
  • Develop emergency plans
  • Understand communication best practices in clinical telemedicine
  • Learn setting up efficient telemedicine consultation room with respect to lighting, ergonomics and privacy