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2016-2017 Academic Catalog (Jan 2017) 
2016-2017 Academic Catalog (Jan 2017) [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

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MHIM 609 - Concepts of Research Methodology

Cr Hrs: 3

Discussion of the elements of research, evaluation methodologies including the research process, study design, methods of data collection with emphasis on preparation and evaluation of data collection instruments, statistical analysis of data including use of statistical packages, literature searches, and scientific writing.

Grade Mode: Standard Max per section: 25
Mode of Delivery: Online Instructional Method: Lecture
Prerequisites: MHIM 607 Statistics and Decision Making  
Term offered: Fall

Fall - Instructor of Record: Sajeesh Kumar Kamala Raghavan
Fall - Additional Instructor 1: Charisse Renee Madlock-Brown

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