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2016-2017 Academic Catalog (Jan 2017) 
2016-2017 Academic Catalog (Jan 2017) [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

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NNP 819 - DNP Neonatal Nursing II Clinical

Cr Hrs: 3 (0-0-3)

This course continues the student’s progression to providing health care for the acutely ill and medically complex neonate. The clinical course provides necessary experiences to further advance the student’s knowledge, clinical judgment and decision making in administering acute and complex care of the neonate. Emphasis of therapeutic management is placed upon management of multiple diagnoses, understanding of technological support for the neonate prompt treatment, and disability limitation.  

Grade Mode: Standard Max per section: 15
Mode of Delivery: Online Instructional Method: Clinical
Prerequisites: NNP 828 - Neonatal Nursing II: Pathophysiology & Management  

Term offered: Spring

Spring - Instructor of Record: Bobby Bellflower

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