Dec 05, 2023  
2022-2023 CenterScope (Student Handbook) 
2022-2023 CenterScope (Student Handbook) [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Purpose of the Centerscope

This Student Handbook provides students and the UTHSC campus community with information about the opportunities, rights, and responsibilities of students at this institution. Policies affecting all students are described (or provided as links) in this handbook. UTHSC academic issues/policies specific to individual colleges can be found in the UTHSC Bulletin. Students are encouraged to read both the CenterScope and the UTHSC Bulletin in order to find information regarding our campus and its programs. The information in both documents should be used as a directory and explanation of services and agencies, and as a resource for obtaining answers to dilemmas and questions. These documents are not contracts and the administration reserves the right to amend and correct the contents whenever necessary and appropriate. Students will be advised when changes are made to the posted documents.