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2018-2019 Academic Bulletin (Catalog) (Jan 2019 Ed) 
2018-2019 Academic Bulletin (Catalog) (Jan 2019 Ed) [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

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PDSC 826 - Advanced Dental Applied Pharmacology

Cr Hrs: 2 (32-0-0)
This course is designed to teach dental postgraduate students how to integrate current knowledge of pharmacology into their clinical specialties (i.e., periodontics, prosthodontics, pediatric dentistry, endodontics, and orthodontics). A wide range of drug classifications pertinent to specialty-level dental therapy are addressed. Issues of age-related alterations in pharmacodynamics, the problems of poly-pharmacy, and important drug-drug interactions are illustrated and discussed. The course incorporates self-study through an online instructional instrument and correlative seminar sessions devoted to evidence-based literature reviews covering topics of particular interest to dental specialists. The course is limited to postgraduate dental students currently enrolled in dental residency programs. Participants are expected to already have a basic understanding of pharmacology and pharmacokinetics.

Grade Mode: P/N
Instructional Method: Lecture
Prerequisites: Acceptance into a postgraduate dental program

Term offered: Spring

Spring - Instructor of Record: Trevor W Sweatman

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