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2018-2019 Academic Bulletin (Catalog) (Jan 2019 Ed) 
2018-2019 Academic Bulletin (Catalog) (Jan 2019 Ed) [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

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PNP 804 - Advanced Primary Care Pediatrics I Practicum

Cr Hrs: 4 (0-0-4]
Clinical course focuses on the application of scientific knowledge and evidence base necessary for advanced practice nursing with children and their families. Course emphasis is placed on prevention and treatment of common childhood illnesses using a current evidence base. Students will develop an age related practice model that is both patient-centered and culturally sensitive.

Grade Mode: Standard
Mode of Delivery: online
Instructional Method: Clinical
Prerequisites: NAPS 874 - Pediatric Primary Care Health Promotion  

Term offered: Spring

Spring - Instructor of Record: Stephanie H Nikbakht
Spring - Additional Instructor 1: Marion Donohoe

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