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2018-2019 Academic Bulletin (Catalog) (Jan 2019 Ed) 
2018-2019 Academic Bulletin (Catalog) (Jan 2019 Ed) [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

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ANE2 4010/F - Anesthesiology

Cr Hrs: 3.5, 7
Session Length: 2 and 4 weeks

This is a face to face clinical rotation receiving 3.5 or 7 credit hours. The student should function with increased autonomy in patient care and must demonstrate competency in several of the Entrustable Professional Activities required for graduation. This elective provides an opportunity to experience the many facets of the practice of anesthesiology while emphasizing the role of the anesthesiologist as a perioperative physician. The main focus of the rotation is centered on supervised practical experience in the administration of intravenous, inhaled and regional anesthesia. Exposure to the anesthesiologist’s role in critical care medicine, acute and chronic pain management, obstetrical anesthesia and pre-operative evaluation is also provided. During the rotation, medical students will have multiple opportunities to improve clinical skills in airway management, central venous and arterial cannulation.

Grade Mode: Standard
Max per section: 3
Instructional Method: Clinical-Elective
Location offered: Knoxville
Hospital: University of Tennessee Medical Center-Knoxville
Prerequisites: Completion of 5 CORE Clerkships inclusive of (SUR1-3001/F or SUR2-3001/F or SUR3-3001/F or SUR4-3001/F) or (FME1-3001/F or FME2-3001/F or FME3-3001/F or FME4-3001/F) or (OBG1-3001/F or OBG2-3001/F or OBG3-3001/F)

Term offered: Spring/Fall

Fall - Instructor of Record: Arthur Audie Smith - asmith15@uthsc.edu
Spring - Instructor of Record: Arthur Audie Smith - asmith15@uthsc.edu
Course Coordinator: Missy Maples - mmaples@utmck.edu - 865-305-9618

Prior Authorization: No
Blocks Not Offered: None
Off-cycle timing allowed: Negotiable
Deadline for Excused Absence: Thirty days before start of elective/rotation
Deadline for Cancellation: Thirty days before start of elective/rotation

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