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2015-2016 CenterScope 
2015-2016 CenterScope [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Purpose of the Centerscope

This Student Handbook provides students and the UTHSC campus community with information about the opportunities, rights, and responsibilities of students at this institution. Policies affecting all students are described (or provided as links) in this handbook. UTHSC academic issues/policies specific to individual colleges can be found in the UTHSC catalog. Students are encouraged to read both the CenterScope and the UTHSC Catalog in order to find information regarding our campus and its programs. The information in both documents should be used as a directory and explanation of services and agencies, and as a resource for obtaining answers to dilemmas and questions. These documents are not contracts and the administration reserves the right to amend and correct the contents whenever necessary and appropriate. Students will be advised when changes are made to the posted documents.

Chancellor’s Message

Steve J. Schwab, M.D.

Welcome to the University of Tennessee Health Science Center (UTHSC), a statewide institution with its home campus in Memphis, major locations in Knoxville, Chattanooga and Nashville, and more than 115 clinical and educational sites across Tennessee. Our institution comprises six fully accredited health science colleges – Dentistry, Graduate Health Sciences, Health Professions, Medicine, Nursing and Pharmacy – which are integrated for maximum educational and clinical impact at our major locations. These colleges are the primary source of health care professional training for the state.

You are joining our campus community at an exciting time, when significant progress is being made to expand our institution on several fronts. Major initiatives that will affect the future of UTHSC for decades to come surged ahead in fiscal 2015 (year ended June 30, 2015), including the ongoing phase-in of our Campus Master Plan, our expansion in the Nashville area (Colleges of Dentistry, Medicine, Nursing and Pharmacy), and our independent SACS accreditation as a stand-alone university, while remaining an integral part of the statewide UT System. 

The General Education building (GEB) is where students will take many of your classes and labs. Right next door is a blank slab where we recently razed an outdated structure (the Feurt building). In that space we will construct a new, state-of-the-art Multi-Disciplinary Simulation Center, which will connect directly to the GEB. The simulation center will increase training opportunities for students and benefit you substantially as members of focused, efficient health care teams. 

In February 2015, with the UT Board of Trustees winter meeting in Memphis, we took another step to extend our relationship with our largest hospital partner, Methodist Le Bonheur Healthcare. Methodist University Hospital added the UT initials to exterior signage over its new emergency department entrance, reframing the name as Methodist UT Hospital. This step reflects the convergence of the UTHSC and Methodist missions and visions. More than 300 physicians are currently in training in Methodist facilities and since our partnership began, more than 1,865 medical and surgical specialists have been trained in Methodist Le Bonheur Healthcare locations.

It is a pleasure for all of us to welcome you to UTHSC. Our accomplished faculty look forward to providing the support, guidance, insight and rigorous learning experiences that will equip you for a successful and rewarding career in health care.     

With best regards, 
Steve J. Schwab, MD